Alexandria's Platform

What We Can Achieve Together

End Corruption

The first pledge Alexandria made to voters in this election was to commit herself to clean campaign finance. As a Brand New Congress/Justice Democrats candidate, Alex recognizes the corrupting influence of corporate fundraising on legislative policy. Where she stands farthest apart from her primary opponent Joe Crowley is in her steadfast refusal to allow her campaign to be underwritten by lobbyist contributions. If elected, Alex vows to reform campaign finance laws that undermine democracy for the benefit of corporate interests.

Create Medicare For All

Alex believes that healthcare is a human right. Free-market medicine leaves too many Americans struggling, often forced to make impossible choices between medicine and shelter, treatment and food. So beholden are establishment politicians to insurance and pharmaceutical lobbyists, they are prepared to sacrifice the health and welfare of their own constituents for corporate profit. If we are to realize medical justice in our time, we must not only expand the Medicare program to all citizens but also broaden it to include access to vision, dental and mental healthcare. The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system. There’s no reason we can’t be #1 in the world instead of #37. It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen.

Fight for Immigration Justice

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency was created in 2003 in a post-9/11 fervor that undermined our civil rights at every turn in an unchecked expansion of executive powers. As overseen by the Trump administration, ICE operates with virtually no accountability, ripping apart families and holding our friends and neighbors indefinitely in inhumane detention centers scattered across the United States. Alex believes that if we are to uphold civic justice, we must abolish ICE and see to it that even our undocumented neighbors be treated with the dignity and respect owed to all people, regardless of citizenship status.

Make Housing a Human Right

People in New York and across the country can’t afford to stay in the communities their families have been rooted in for generations. Families are rent burdened and experiencing homelessness. So many struggle for affordable housing, all while real estate developers continue building unaffordable luxury apartments. Alex believes that housing is a right and she will fight for fair, inclusive housing policies that upend the controls that real estate developers have in New York.

Guarantee Federal Jobs

People who want meaningful work for a decent wage struggle to find it. Because of this, progressive Democrats such as New York’s Senator Kirsten Gillibrand now advocate for a Universal Jobs Guarantee program. This proposal would radically expand the public sector, providing both training and experience to workers while bringing much-needed public services to our communities in areas such as parks service, childcare and environmental conservation. Furthermore, a federal jobs guarantee program would establish a floor for wages and benefits for the nation’s workforce. This program would provide a baseline minimum wage of $15 an hour and guarantee for public workers a basic benefits package, including healthcare and childcare. Many think tanks such as the Levy Institute to the Center for American Progress believe that bolstering the public sector and investing in our own workforce will lift thousands of American families out of poverty.

Renew Infrastructure

With bridges and tunnels collapsing around us daily, Americans can not wait for brighter times to begin repairing and strengthening itself for the next century. Political inaction costs American lives. It falls to our generation to fight not an enemy abroad but the collapse within. If we should dare to call our nation great, then surely it is for the sake of this greatness that we ensure a durable, sustainable infrastructure upon which our children can build the next millennium. We owe it to the next generation not to leave what is truly great about us lying in ruins. If we are to fight back against civic neglect and corporate pollution, then we have no choice as a nation but to invest in ourselves by building out a network of nationalized energy utilities and public services aimed at our collective goal of carbon neutrality. We must radically expand our federal public housing program to bring housing opportunities to all. We must invest in the research and development of renewable sources of energy as well as draft new policies that will contain carbon emissions in neglected industry sectors such as housing and luxury transit. Fortunately, building a greater public infrastructure will mean new, promising careers in the public sector and a more prosperous America for us all. Modernizing our country’s infrastructure means bringing our nation’s transportation capabilities up to speed. America once spearheaded the expanse of multimodal transportation with railways stretching from Tucson to Detroit, highways connecting towns and cities, and one of the most intricate subways systems the world has ever known right here in New York City. But over time, what was once state of the art is now decades behind the curve. Inaccessible and unaffordable public transportation disproportionately affects low-income communities of color, especially in and around high density urban centers. If we are to democratize transit, then we must modernize our public transportation system.

Provide Paid Sick & Family Leave

We must as a nation prioritize carework in our public policy. To empower hard-working householders to take the requisite time they need to care for either themselves or their family members, Alex believes it imperative that we expand the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act.

Solidarity with Puerto Rico

Six months after Hurricane Maria, our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico still suffer for want of basic utilities and billions in federal aid that they are entitled to as citizens. Our friends and family in Puerto Rico thus suffer the double humiliation of being denied disaster relief from its own government on the basis of its disenfranchisement. As a member of Congress, Alex commits to championing justice for Puerto Rico on the House floor.

100 Percent Renewable Energy

In order to address climate change, Alex will take a stand on carbon emissions. She believes we must place significant limits on carbon emissions, while investing deeply in wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy technologies. With sea levels rising and climate wreaking havoc around the world — in the form of natural disasters and untenable farming conditions — there’s no time to waste in getting us to 100% renewable energy.

A Peace Economy

Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the United States has entangled itself in war and occupation throughout the Middle East and North Africa. As of 2018, we are currently involved in military action in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia. According to the Constitution, the right to declare war belongs to the Legislative body, not the President. Yet, most of these acts of aggression have never once been voted on by Congress. Alex believes that we must end the forever war by bringing our troops home and ending the air strikes and bombings that perpetuate the cycle of terrorism and occupation throughout the world.

Student Loan Forgiveness

As a millennial, Alex knows too well the burden of college debt being shouldered by her peers. In Congress, Alex will work with other progressives such as Senator Bernie Sanders to introduce federal loan forgiveness programs for students who have graduated within the last ten years.

Create free public higher education

In America, every child and young adult deserves a chance to succeed. A college education should be a right, not a privilege.

Beyond Net Neutrality

Alex believes that free and open WIFI is possible in our time. In Congress, Alex will work to make the internet more democratic and accessible than it has ever been by fighting supplier monopolies and encouraging community-run co-ops that provide excellent service and privacy protections to users.

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