Alexandria's Platform

What We Can Achieve Together

End Corruption

Super PACs should be banned and a clean public financing system should be implemented to end the takeover of our government by corporations and billionaires. Americans deserve free and fair elections — free from the corruption of big money donors. The Supreme Court has effectively legalized bribery.

Create Medicare For All

The United States should catch up to every other modern nation and implement a single-payer, medicare-for-all system. There’s no reason we can’t be #1 in the world instead of #37. It’s time to end the destruction of American healthcare by price gouging, for-profit, private health insurance middlemen.

Create A Just Justice System

Our fates should be determined by us, not by our districts. Criminal justice and racial justice shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Laws and liberty shouldn’t mean different things in different neighborhoods and for different families. It's time to end our for-profit criminal justice system by ending prison labor, private prisons and detention centers, cash bail systems, and all the other ways our criminal justice system profits off the vulnerable.

Create free public higher education

In America, every child and young adult deserves a chance to succeed. A college education should be a right, not a privilege. No one’s child should have their future predicted by their zip code. Every community should have free and accessible K-16 education, and we should build on the universal pre-K in New York. Our kids should be given every shot to study hard and learn, and to move on to good colleges and good jobs.

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